Life’s A Stage

My Mother has always been a dancer. As a young woman, she was a professional ballerina with dreams of landing on Broadway, or at the very least, kicking her heels up high with the Rockettes. Life had other plans, and instead of tearing up Broadway, she became a successful retailer with two young children in tow. I watched her perform pirouettes while stirring cookie dough, but the dream of a dancer’s career seemed to fade. Until recently.

On a trip to NYC a year or so ago, my parents went to see HAIR on Broadway with some friends. The show was fabulous and as the grand finale was taking place, my Mother noticed some stage hands placing what looked like stairs from the audience to the main stage. Before her mind could think twice, she found her herself jumping to her feet, climbing over the patrons around her and clamoring up those stairs. And just like that, she was front and center. Singing. And dancing. On Broadway. (applause!)

I was raised with the notion that you can do anything you set your mind to. My first lesson in the Law of Attraction! This teaching has served me well and I have my parents to thank for their support and belief in me and my purpose. I recently read a great blog post from Serial Entrepreneur and Author Tim Ferris that highlighted the importance of a bucket list and how to tackle it once and for all.

The beauty of a “Bucket List” is that it makes you play life on a bigger scale. When you dream big, not only do you benefit from the thrill of accomplishing your goal, you help others dream big too. That’s how we really “Let the Sunshine In”…

What’s on your Bucket List? You tell me yours, and I’ll tell you mine!


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  • Alice

    My bucket list includes:
    Having a baby
    Visiting Italy
    Making the NY Times Best Sellers List


    • Alexa

      Beautiful. I’ll see you in Italy and we shall toast to our best-sellers! xo

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