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7 – Learn to Eliminate Your Accent with Tessa Auberjonois

I’m delighted to have a special guest on the podcast! Tessa Auberjonois is a dear friend, a professional voice-over artist, an actress and an accent coach. You may know her if you have taken my online courses, since she delivers an INCREDIBLE vocal warm-up that I can’t help but share every chance I get. In short, she’s awesome. (more…)

6 – Are YOU A Highly Sensitive Person?

Have you ever been accused of being “too sensitive”? Perhaps you tear up when watching a Folgers Christmas commercial or you can’t function properly if you get too hungry? Maybe you can feel the emotions of others, as if they were your own? In other words, have you ever felt like you were just a little different from everyone else? Well, it’s possible you’re sensitive… just like me.

Today’s podcast was inspired by a recent conversation I had with an old friend. We were joking about our particular tendencies and she asked if I had ever looked into the work of Elaine Aron. Her website, The Highly Sensitive Person, has a quick survey to see if you fit the description of someone who may be just a tad more aware of the world around you. (more…)

5 – New Year’s Resolutions: The Secret to Setting Yourself Up for Success

Having goals is a brilliant way to create the direction for where you want to go and what you want to achieve this year. All to often, however, in the same moment that you set your intention for greatness down on paper, you hear the roar of doubt in your head, that you will never achieve what you set out to do. In this podcast, I invite you to dance with your fear and release your negative feelings so that you can pave the way for a more effortless journey towards all you wish to achieve.

Are you ready to learn how to release your negative feelings? Check out the book Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender, by David Hawkings, M.D. PhD.

So, what are your resolutions for the new year? Take a moment and let me know (in the comments below) the ONE WORD that describes how you want to FEEL in 2016. For me, this year I want to feel EFFORTLESS. What about you?

4 – Grandma Carol: Part Two – Women at Work in WWII

Life is so much richer when you can appreciate the perspective of others. If you are lucky enough to have a grandparent (or two!) around, then I invite you to take a moment and ASK THEM QUESTIONS. I’m delighted to bring you another installment of my conversations with my Grandma Carol. She’s 95 years old, witty and wise and in this latest chat, we talk about her experience in WWII.

Why not take break from your inbox, your to-do list, and your buzzing phone to step back in time and hear first-hand what it was like many moons ago? Yep, that’s Grandma filing papers on the bottom of the photo and another picture with my Grandpa Greenie when they were newly stationed. (Cue the Andrews Sisters, please!) (more…)

3 – Get on Stage Already: How to Give a TED Talk Worthy Presentation

Have you ever pictured yourself on the TED stage? While your moment on the signature red circle may or may not come, you can always be prepared to deliver incredible presentations that wow audiences. Here are some of my favorite bits of advice. Enjoy the podcast… (more…)

2 – My Night at the MOTH: The Story of How I Almost Became Famous

Hands down one of my favorite resources for incredible stories. One night I headed to a live event to share my tale about FAME… and my own personal story about my encounter with David Mamet that changed my destiny.

1 – Meet Grandma Carol: 95 Years Old and Going Strong!

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be 95 years old? Listen to my witty, wise and wonderful Grandma Carol as I ask her about her amazing perspective about life. Let’s learn from our elders, shall we?

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