You never know when life will hand you an opportunity. A few days ago Amy Porterfield announced that she will be selecting one person for a full day of coaching with her, in celebration of her 100th Podcast. I’m a huge fan of her work as well as a student. (You see, being a teacher means that you make a commitment to learning as well!)

It’s not enough for me to tell you to:

– overcome your doubts so you can find the courage to speak your truth.
– take action when the door of opportunity opens to you.
– use the power of video to share your message.

While I would LOVE to work with Amy, (and I really, really would), the other part of me is truly committed to showing you my teaching in action.

On Friday I hosted a Periscope where I recorded my submission video LIVE. They got to see me experience pre-filming jitters, getting focused right before we recorded, and then they got to ask questions about how to speak from the heart and not from a script. Here is the final edited version.

Amy’s tribe of fans are such an incredible community, doing important, passionate work. I’m honored to be among them. Just take a look at Kathy O’Connell, Sarah Schwab, and Sarah King. Awesome!

Life is not about winning and losing. It’s the magnificent journey and the people you can help along the way. Thank you for being here. Thank you for watching. Thank you for sharing your light. It matters!


PS: If you wish to make your own video, go for it!!!! You can find all the contest details here. I’m cheering you on!

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