March 11-16th, 2025

Don't Sweat, Wish Big!

A Transformational Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica

July 7, 2024
8:37pm TZ

Kristine Carlson

I’m a transformational teacher who has been connecting women and leading women’s retreats worldwide for over a decade. This adventure in Costa Rica is meant to ignite your senses, encourage you to surrender and trust, and open your heart to higher possibilities. I’ll help you to connect with yourself and others deeply–no matter what stage of life you are in. International retreats are my passion–and this place is full of abundance, massive energy, and pure beauty.

Alexa Fischer

I believe you can achieve almost anything you wish for. I don’t just mean that in a woo-woo, wouldn’t-it-be-nice way. I mean that in a backed-by-science, do-the-work way. (Plus a light sprinkling of unicorn dust.) Through my intention-setting jewelry, Wishbeads, and from my students all over the world, I’ve witnessed that when you open your mind to possibilities, let go of fear, and do the work, amazing things happen. I can’t wait to wish with you in the wild, magical beauty of Costa Rica.

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