Every day you have an opportunity to play BIG. Show UP. And make a DIFFERENCE. Every day is GAME DAY. And yet, despite this fact, most of us are living life in our comfort zone. I get it. It feels good to slip on your well-worn jeans, hang out at your favorite coffee shop, or call your most loyal client. It’s comfortable… but being comfortable is not where growth happens. If you want to actualize your dreams, you must take your intentions to the gym and exercise those muscles of courage RIGHT NOW. Here’s how you can start.

All pro athletes know the importance of game day. They suit up and bring out the BEST they have to offer. Here is their playbook:

ATTITUDE: Winners think about winning. Period. There is no room for negative thoughts, hesitation or doubt. Just an unwavering belief that they can get the job done. Positive thoughts pave the road to success.

UNIFORM: Pressed and shiny. Ready to go. When you want to play at your best, it always feels good to LOOK your best. Dress up and the world will notice!

NOURISHMENT: If you want to enjoy peak performance, you need to take care of your body. No surprises… healthy food, lots of water and a good night’s rest will help you stay focused and fueled all day long.

SPIRIT: Athletes who infuse their play with spirit inspire audiences with their JOY of the game. Spirit is energy. Spirit is connection. Spirit is FUN.

Don’t wait for special events, big presentations or your high school reunion to polish your act. The more you practice, the better you play. And when you play, life is a blast.


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