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Doesn’t it feel amazing?

Finally (finally!) getting started with video? You know that video works and you’ve heard from tons of people that it’s the best way to ‘meet’ new clients and show off your personality and sense of humor. (Which is sort of hard to communicate through a headshot and a dry, professional bio, right?) We’re thrilled that you’re making the leap to video and we’re flattered that you’re doing it with us. Video will help you share your hard-earned industry insights and engaging, client-catching content; it’s a great way to stay connected with current and past clients. We’ve even got different options to help you get started – whether that’s booking time with the pros or learning how to create amazing videos on your own (with your smartphone!) We’re thrilled to help Gibson become one of the most visible, accessible real estate agencies in California.  Have a question?  Feel free to call Alexa at 310-985-0975.

Your Profile Video

A short, one-minute video that helps your potential clients get to know the person behind the job and the ‘why’ behind your work. We don’t use scripts or memorized sound bites; you share your story with Robert (who happens to be standing just to the right of the camera) and we edit 15 minutes of video into one minute of authentic, engaging genius. Included in this package is membership to Alexa’s online course Market Your Message and 15 minutes of pre-video coaching and review with Alexa. Check out the samples below, or see the “Meet Our Agents” section on the Gibson YouTube Channel Buy Now – $375


Looking for a few more options?

Perhaps you are interested in creating a profile video that has a distinct look and feel.  We are happy to customize your video by shooting on-location, with custom music and titles. Whether you choose to create a new home video tour or film a client testimonial in their new home, your video package can be tailored to suit your needs.  If you are ready to create additional videos for your marketing strategy, you may choose to create a series of videos in a three-video package.  


3 Video Series: Gibson

Ready to take your video game to the next level?  Using the same look and feel of the agent profile videos, you can create a series of videos. This package includes a 45 minute strategy session with Alexa to refine your material and get you prepared. 

Buy Now – $875


Single Video: On Location

Looking for some customization? No problem. Choose your location, music, and titles. We will handle the rest. This single-camera shoot can be used to create your profile video, a new home listing, a client testimonial or anything you wish. Price includes on-camera coaching.

Buy Now – $875


3 Video Series: On Location

Interested in producing more than one video at the location of your choice? Create a series of videos which may include a home listing, your new profile video and more.   Sharing your expertise via video is a great way to connect with potential clients.

Buy Now – $1275


Easy Ways to Share Your Video

Once you have a video, what are you going to do with it? Great question. Your profile video will be uploaded to the Gibson YouTube channel, with your details listed and tagged. Once it’s there, why not spread the word? As you know, video is a terrific way to share your personality and expertise. In this video to the right, you will see three easy ways to leverage your video once it’s produced.  It’s far easier than you think:

  • Use the share feature on YouTube to promote your video on social media
  • Create an email to prospective clients with an image and link to your video
  • Use your video link in your email signature.

Web Video 101 Live Workshop

Want to work some of this video magic yourself? It’s totally possible using just your smartphone and a few editing apps. Really! This course will help you connect with more clients + customers, tap into new marketing techniques that will put you a step ahead of your competitors, and create videos you can feel proud of. Even better, I’ll be there in person to give you hands-on help! Afterwards, you’ll have lifetime access to the online version of this course so you can revisit any topic when you need a refresher.  Learn More about upcoming workshops here.

Buy Now – $150

How do we know so much about video?

We’re a husband and wife team who have been making people look (and feel!) great on camera for over 10 years. Robert has produced, filmed, and edited for clients like Time Warner, The Natural History Museum, and The New Children’s Museum. Alexa coaches people to speak with confidence + calm – at board meetings, to an auditorium, on video, or even at a cocktail party full of strangers. Her clients include Trader Joe’s, Dress for Success, The Milken Institute and countless entrepreneurs.

Our incredibly sweet clients have told us that our easy-going, positive energy helps them feel sure and serene in front of the lens and that we can bring out the best in who you are.  Stepping in front of the lens has never been easier.  Trust us.

Feel free to browse a selection of Robert’s work on his website.  You can watch Alexa’s latest video here.

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