Sometimes things don’t go the way you hope. Last week I hosted my monthly Google Hangout. The idea of connecting LIVE with my 1000 Watt peeps always excites me, but the technology involved leaves me rather drained. Last week was no exception. There I was, ready to go, links sent to participants, camera ready, mic positioned, lights aglow. Then silence… Watch today’s post to see how I handled the situation.

You see, real learning happens in the moments when we are uncomfortable, when our best laid plans go wrong and when we push ourselves into the unknown. But that’s when you get to practice keeping cool under fire. Once you realize that there is no such thing as “perfection,” you are more inclined to celebrate the present… flaws and all.

P.S. Guess what… it worked! Check out my Hangout with Linda. Hope to see you next month at my March Hangout. Grab your spot today.

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