When I was recently approached by an over-zealous bellhop, I found myself retreating from his presence  before I could even formulate a sentence in my mind. Don’t get me wrong. He was friendly. Really, friendly.  With his wide-eyed grin, bulging eyes and goofy welcome speech, I was initially dumbfounded by the situation. Then, I remembered how to deflect the energy and shift the situation entirely.  

People can invade your space with the nicest intentions. They love you! They want to breathe your air! They also may be totally unaware that their body is encroaching on your energetic turf. Here are some tips in case you have someone creeping into your airspace!

Trust Your Gut: If you get the slightest urge that your body is pulling you in the other direction, listen up! Your body has a knowledge above and beyond your mind, so if you find yourself moving away (or wanting to) it’s because your body knows it’s for the best. Move back, pronto!

Shift Your Body: In the event you can’t simply walk away or back up, then try shifting your body slightly to help buffer you from the full force of their energy.  With this tiny adjustment, the energy just “rolls off.” Start by shifting your shoulders, and then follow by turning your head away.  No need for the “cold shoulder”, just a slight shift will work wonders.

Look Away: A simple way to send someone the message that you may not be interested in connecting, is to not look them in the eye.  Try glancing down or off to the side. You may want to use this maneuver before using my next tip…

“Excuse me…”: If you are in a pinch, then kindly make-up some simple reason to exit said conversation.  “Oh dear, please don’t get too close, I’m just getting over this bug.” Or perhaps, “Excuse me, I need to check on something. I’ll be right back.” I give you permission to use a white lie. It’s white for a reason.

Honesty: Last but not least, you can always tell someone the truth. Asking someone to give you some space may seem awkward, but I bet that person was likely unaware of the offense. Bringing it to their attention may be an act of kindness, when done in a nice way.  No need to be brutally honest, just gently honest.

Now, if you are reading this post and think that YOU may be a space invader… fear not! Awareness is the first step. Take a step back and breathe. Repeat as often as needed.


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