You have something to say, a message worth sharing, something you want others to hear. That’s great! It’s what we call “content”. And, when it comes to effective communication, your goal is to have your message understood clearly and fully by others. Unfortunately, sometimes our nerves get the best of us. We may rush through a speech or presentation, stumble over our words, or just slur through passages hoping to finish as soon as humanly possible. Perfectly natural! But, when we do this, our words lose power and our message gets muddled beyond recognition. Luckily, one easy tool can remedy all of this: the simple tool of articulation. Check out this video for more.

I’m Sorry… What Did You Say? from Alexa Fischer on Vimeo.

Are you not articulating because your nervous or fearful to speak in front of others? You can get over your fear of public speaking – and you can learn to articulate with clarity and confidence.

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