Julie Frost grew up convinced she was an introverted, book-smart, non-creative person, destined for a life behind a desk. She secretly longed to write songs and sing on stage with the most talented musicians on the planet. The gap between these two realities was so vast, it appeared her visions of grandeur were preposterous at best. As a young woman living and working in Chicago (behind a desk), she did have the good sense to take guitar lessons and at the urging of her instructor she decided one evening to perform at an open mic night. (This was the same woman who refused to sing in front of her teacher, preferring the solitude of her studio apartment to let it rip.)

On stage her voice was creaky and unsure, her song barely making it out of her body before she rushed back to her seat. The experience was rather humiliating. What bothered her the most was that she was BRILLIANT alone in her apartment. What happened to her once she was in front of an audience?! How could she ever tap into the part of herself that longed to sing (and be a superstar) if she couldn’t hold her own at a coffee house? That’s when she decided to dig deep and “get it done”.

She committed to playing an open mic night every week until she could sound in public, as amazingly as she did at home. She threw away the labels that had limited her in the past and reclaimed the part of her creative soul that longed to be a singer /songwriter. Fighting through nerves, fear, anxiety and uncertainty she played… (and played and played) until she managed to reach her goal.

One day while walking to her day job (singing for kids at the Old Town School of Music), she was filled with awe. The world simply GLOWED. Her heart felt open and expansive and she could hear a melody of a new song coming to her as she walked down the street. A mere three hours later, back in her apartment, she had completed a new tune called “Shining Star”. Thrilled by the energy soaring through her she picked up the phone to call her parents. She sang them the song over the speaker and afterwards her mother broke the news that her Grandfather had passed away the evening before. In that moment, she knew in her heart that the song and it’s message had come from him on the other side.

Julie Frost’s career has virtually taken off. She is now an award-winning songwriter who is currently collaborating with The Black-Eyed Peas, Beyonce and Madonna, among others. A song she wrote called “Satellite” has taken over Europe. Her vision is indeed coming true! I have no doubt that the world will be blessed by her music for many years to come, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the fruits of one woman’s commitment to “get it done” and make the world a brighter place. Bravo!

Click here to listen to her song “Shining Star,” from her CD “The Wave.” shining star

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