Imagine, for a moment, how thrilling this would feel:

  • Actually enjoying networking events (and the new clients that come with them)
  • Speaking about your work with excitement + passion
  • Painless + productive self-promotion (that never feels slimy)
  • An intriguing and concise elevator pitch that gets people interested
Just think of that. The release. The relaxation of being yourself and bringing in piles of new business.

These things are totally, 100% possible.

Exceeded my expectations!

I am so grateful I found this course! I have always been a confident speaker so in taking this course I was looking for a few extra tips to polish my skills. But Alexa covered a few areas, which I’ve been having trouble with for a long time – Mainly, how to easily yet passionately answer the question, “What do you do”. It was a revelation for me as not only can I now easily explain the transformational work I do in a way that piques curiosity and makes me feel confident – but I have an even deeper understanding of where my true passions lay. Wonderful course, highly recommend!


I’m sure you’ve been down the marketing road before and maybe you didn’t like what you found there – industry jargon, cheesy hard sell ‘verbiage,’ lots of people pitching themselves and talking very loudly in an attempt to be heard.

You don’t like that stuff (at all) but you also don’t want to miss out on opportunities or get passed over for a promotion. You want to get better at promoting yourself but you don’t want to become a sleazy, beastly salesperson in order to do that.

If that sounds like you, this is your ecourse.

In Market Your Message, you learn how to:

  • Connect to the passion you feel for your work + your organization
  • Find the spark in your story to ignite your listener’s curiosity. We want them to lean in and say “Ooooh! Tell me more!”
  • Discover opportunities to connect with new prospects – at networking events, important dinners and game-changing interviews
  • Polish your presentation skills to own the room, every time

Market Your Message is a gentler, more authentic, more holistic (and often more effective) approach to marketing. It’s not about the hard-sell, the close, or appealing to your customer’s pain points. It’s about the thrill of the great work you’re doing, how you’re helping people, and being able to share that with others.

The Nitty Gritty:

basket-iconClick that ‘buy now’ button
video-iconWe’ll send you a link to our course and you’ll get immediate access to 39 (!) videos and 14 worksheets
document-iconPlus you’ll get 14 worksheets that will change how you talk about yourself + your work
document-iconYou slowly work through the course, giving each lesson time to marinate and really, actually doing the work
document-iconYou can ask me questions if you need help or clarification
document-iconYou completely transform your message, I feel incredibly proud of you

Well Done

This course is very helpful for me because I am starting a new solo career and a big fear has always been getting out there and telling people who I am. I think that is why I spent so many years as a safe and salaried employee. I am committed to change that.
Thank you.


Excellent! Very powerful techniques to shine as a speaker.

Alexa, you were really brilliant in the way you explained so many different aspects of becoming an effective speaker. It has given me so much hope that I too can, with enough practice, shine as a speaker with the knowledge and skills you taught in such a lively and fun way. You certainly have helped me a great deal!


You have clients just waiting to meet you.

Get ready for them.

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