I was on a trans-continental flight with my mother and two young sons when I first encountered the book. I had not brought any reading material with me, painstakingly aware that when traveling with two lads under 5, I would likely spend the six hours onboard entertaining them and not me. Much to my delight, they were transfixed by their movie, leaving me elated (yet somewhat bummed by my own lack of airplane entertainment). Then, my mom casually handed me a book she had just finished. “The Essentials of Fabulous” by Ellen Lubin-Sherman. I devoured every word.

Suddenly I had found a kindred spirit who charted the path to FABULOUSNESS in an elegant, humorous and simplistic manner. I was smitten. (And joined her fan club immediately!). Many months later I got wind of her book signing event in Santa Monica, then was promptly devastated to realize that I would be out of town. She was flying in from New York and would only be in the area for a few days. Taking a page from her book, (where she commends Diana Vreeland, legendary fashion editor, for asking for the Légion d’honneur, and getting it!) I wrote her requesting a brief encounter with lattes and such, the morning I was leaving.

She agreed!

I met her, and her wonderful husband Mark, in the lobby of their hotel. She was even more fabulous in person! What followed was a three-hour, deliriously fun, story-filled, brain-storming session that left both of us exalted by our new-found friendship. Fireworks, indeed.

Listen up, beloved Limelight readers… This woman has pearls of wisdom to share, so I hope you go and buy your copy of her book pronto. In the mean time, here are her Ten Plus Traits of the Truly and Completely Fabulous, straight from the introduction of her brilliant book:


1. They are passionate about life.
2. They are delightfully authentic.
3. They are revered for their amazing attitude.
4. They are warm and completely accessible.
5. They have flair.
6. They have impeccable manners.
7. They’re competent.
8. They just “get it.”
9. They have a big bandwidth.
10. They are vivid virtually.
11. They have a board.

I can’t help but celebrate the efforts of this woman’s quest to empower others. If we all challenged ourselves to be a bit better than we were the day before, the world could be a pretty amazing place. Go get ’em!


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