My brother taught me lots of things when I was growing up. He showed me how to jump in impossibly big waves at the beach. He showed me how to work a fire extinguisher when I accidentally lit the kitchen cabinets on fire. He showed me how to be a writer, even when I felt too intimidated to start.

Today is his birthday! I’m sharing a very special edition of Real People Lit Up – a fun series where I spontaneously interview people on the street simply because I admire how lit up they are about life. Whether you’re writing parking tickets, selling credit cards, or sharing your experience in WWII, your energy matters. See for yourself how awesome it is to experience everyday people rocking their magic.

My brother, Jason, shares his light in many ways. As an author, a father, a husband and as my big brother, I’m proud to share the twinkle in his eyes in this week’s video.

Jump into life, people. The water feels great once you’re in!

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