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Learn to Share your Voice!

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Whether you are speaking to one person or one million…the skills are the same. And your ability to capture their hearts and minds will set the stage for your success. The good news is…learning HOW is easier than you think. Remember, people recall how you made them FEEL…not the actual words that you said. You already have an audience – we all do. The key is being prepared. Knowing how to engage and identify with them. Capturing their attention and getting it back ANY time you want. Enjoy!

Erase the Fear and Begin to Build Confidence

Overcoming Anxiety

You were born with everything you need to succeed, yet somewhere along the way, life’s experiences created blocks in the form of fear, anxiety, nervousness and the like. It’s normal and there are plenty of techniques available to you to release these inhibitions once and for all. Here is one exercise to get you started right away.

Lesson #1

What Is Energy Muscle Testing?

Positive thoughts. Ah, yes…You have heard these simple words plenty of times and yet, why do we find it so easy to slip into negativity? Have you ever considered what negative thoughts DO to you?

Lesson #2

For one, they sabotage, often subconsciously, your most dazzling self. In the previous lecture, I spoke about my client who experienced an event in her childhood that left and impression in her emotional body. She was teased for standing out when she was a young girl. Hence, every time she had an opportunity to “stand out” in life, her body sent messages that screamed, “danger!” and she experienced anxiety. The way I detected this incident was through Energy Muscle Testing (EMT). I asked her body, not her brain, what was going on. This is a remarkable technique and one I am excited to share with you today. In this video from my course “Market Your Message: Ignite Curiosity.Inspire Action.”, it is my pleasure to introduce you to esteemed psychiatrist, Daphna Slonim, MD. She is the author of “The First Key: How to Remove Subconscious Sabotage.” Dr. Slonim will be demonstrating the power of Energy Muscle Testing as a tool to clearing your negative thoughts. Read more about the book at: See for yourself how positive energy will be your fuel for success!

If you would like to learn more about Energy Muscle Testing, please check out Dr. Slonim’s class on the subject:

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

A lingering gaze can turn an innocent morning routine into a hailstorm of doubt. Be aware when using your mirror…your state of mind depends on it!

Lesson #3

The Catch-22 Of Confidence

No one likes a braggart or show-off, so how much confidence is too much?

Lesson #4

The Power of Your Presence

Instant Peace

Nervousness is completely natural. The real question is, “What to do with it when it arises?”

Lesson #5

How To Light Up Everyone You Meet

If you want to develop the power of your presence, you can begin shifting your behavior right now. Here are a few suggestions to get you comfortable connecting with people, stepping out of your comfort zone and giving the world the gift of your attention. These subtle adjustments help cultivate authentic, magnetic relationships with everyone you meet. Shine on.

Lesson #6

What Doesn’t Cost A Dime But Is Worth A Fortune?

Giving our attention to others costs nothing yet enriches everything. Taking advantage of this investment is as easy as opening your eyes!

Lesson #7

I’ll Shake To That!

Want to know a person’s thermostat for success? One simple gesture tells it all. Here’s a little lesson that reaps big rewards.

Lesson #8

Our Digital Distractions

While you may fancy that you are a brilliant multi-tasker, if your attention is scattered all over the place, how can you really connect with anyone?

Lesson #9

Everyday Opportunities to Grow

Seize The Day: Practicing Speaking Up In Daily Activities

Learning how to communicate effectively begins with practicing in everyday situations. Why wait for your big moment in the spotlight? You are exercising the same skill set when you speak to the bank teller as you are when you ask your boss for a raise. Cultivating confidence takes practice. Runners train for a marathon. Speakers get talking. Are you game?

Lesson #10

Here’s To You!

You never know when you will be asked to step into the spotlight. No need to wait for a big event, you can practice right now! This is a great basis to start from. if you are ready to take your skills to the next level, check out my extensive course, Speak Up – Learn to Communicate with Confidence

Lesson #11

Taking The Work Out Of Networking

Here’s a tip to make even the lamest networking event into a rewarding and engaging experience.

Lesson #12

I’m Sorry… What Did You Say?

We have become a culture of chronic mumblers.
If you’re interested in being heard, you better take your mouth to the gym!

Lesson #13

Presentation Polish

Make A Great First Impression From Across The Room

Even though this class is devoted to public speaking, I think it’s important to discuss the value of how we physically present ourselves to the world. People are judging others within seconds of viewing them, so make sure you are putting just enough attention on your outer appearance. Remember, it’s not just the way clothes make you appear, it’s also the way they make you FEEL. This is the polish.

Lesson #14

The Charisma Of Clothes

While you may begin the evening looking like Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, the trick is to head home looking just as good!

Lesson #15

Your Body Language

We are an incredibly visual society. For instance, you are introduced to someone new… How long does it take for you to form an opinion of him or her based on what you see? A second? Maybe two?

I’m not talking about hairstyle or the clothes you wear. I’m not talking about your body shape or weight. I am talking about how WHAT YOU DO with your body communicates messages to your audience. What might someone think of you if they gave you a quick glance?

Lesson #16

Final Thoughts

Hat’s Off To You!

Thank you for joining me for this course! I applaud you for your effort and your intention to improve your communication skills. If you have any questions, please let me know as I would love to hear from you. Finally, feel free to sign up for my weekly newsletter at Every week I share insights into stepping into your brilliance. You deserve to shine!

Lesson #17

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