I’m delighted to have a special guest on the podcast! Tessa Auberjonois is a dear friend, a professional voice-over artist, an actress and an accent coach. You may know her if you have taken my online courses, since she delivers an INCREDIBLE vocal warm-up that I can’t help but share every chance I get. In short, she’s awesome.

We hunkered down in my trailer a few weeks ago and chatted about the delicate work of eliminating your accent (or perhaps reducing it a touch!). So many people have asked me this question in the past and I must admit, it’s not my area of expertise. I adore accents, however I can certainly sympathize if someone has a hard time being understood, or feels that their accent may be getting in the way of communicating effectively – especially at work.

It’s fascinating to discover how subtle vocal production really is… We explore accents from around the globe, so at the very least, we’ll amuse you!

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Curious about your accent?

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