A few words of praise...

Testimonials from happy clients.

Ellen Lubin-Sherman


Alexa Fischer, L.A. –based consultant and coach on creating a mega-watt personality, is the expert on “it” and if you don’t have “it” you’re toast. Fischer’s genius was to take her talents – communication and relationship building – and offer them to clients who need the persuasive charisma to move mountains, products and services. It is not a surprise that clients seek her wise counsel from all parts of the world. Who wouldn’t want Alexa Fischer in his/her corner? I certainly do.

Amy Swift Crosby


Alexa is not only an incredibly gifted coach, she is a personable, effective and persuasive presenter as well. From the first minute of working with Alexa, I’m always engaged and excited about what I’m learning. Alexa has helped so many in the SMARTY community and continues to be a favorite Peer to Peer Leader among our hundreds of Members.

Jen Boulden

As anyone who has worked with me will attest, I place incredibly high expectations on myself — and this unfortunately spills over to others! However, Alexa blew my socks off with her coaching! She reviewed my pilot video and created a customized package for my 360 degree review session. She struck the perfect balance between heart & head, ensuring that my personality and authenticity would shine through, and then gave me key insights into the technology needed. Alexa is one of the classiest, smartest, most effective people I’ve met, and I am truly blessed to have had the chance to work with her.

Daphna Slonim, MD

It has been a delight to work with Alexa over the past few years. I needed to step out of my comfort zone in order to promote my book, my DVD and my website. Alexa’s kind nature and infectious enthusiasm empowered me to step in front of the camera and share my message with the world. She is a truly gifted at inspiring others to succeed.

Jacque Bibeau

Alexa inspired our staff to excel at their jobs and worked with our executive team, giving us the tools to create our future. Alexa has the raw intelligence to understand business models quickly, provides valuable insights, and inspires individuals to control their destiny.

Frank Kohler

It has been a pleasure having Alexa Fischer as a guest speaker at UCLA Extension. I have taught a class for Entrepreneurs for many years and her presentations are both engaging and incredibly informative. The students appreciated her invaluable advice and understood immediately the importance of being able to articulate their vision as business leaders. A great lesson for budding entrepreneurs!

Barbara Emmons

I knew Alexa’s energy would be a perfect fit for my team and an all-day workshop. Not only did we connect to her message, but her energy elevated us, helping build our confidence to articulate our gifts both to each other and to our clients. Our entire team appreciated our investment in them with this retreat.

Cheryl Hunter

I am so blown away by this series. Not only does Alexa know her stuff, but she so freely gives away her own roadmap to success. Many people teach you how to, but they just give you the basics without letting you in on their own secrets. Not so with Alexa. By being transparent and open about her own journey–coupled with doling out top-notch information–Alexa makes you feel like you, too, can accomplish what you want in this arena.

Nada Jones

Alexa helps entrepreneurs learn to effectively, confidently communicate their offerings. And she makes the process enjoyable, putting her audience at ease and building their confidence along the way.

Reena De Asis

The comments from participants were glowing to say the least. “Best presenter EVER. She was able to capture our attention and gave us the tools to improve our communication. She helped us feel like superstars. She did a fantastic job!” We look forward to an ongoing collaboration with her.

Jen Sincero

Alexa Fischer is a joy to watch on stage. Not only does she speak with authority, ease, and warmth, she connects with the audience in a way that makes everyone feel like they’ve known her forever. It’s like having a conversation with your best friend! Alexa is a truly gifted speaker, a bright, shiny light and, incidentally, a total hoot.

Rob Calvert

As a business owner, I appreciate how important effective communication is both within my team and with the clients we serve. Alexa brought her energy and insights to lead a dynamic workshop that taught us the importance of building strong relationships with our thoughts, our presence and our actions. My team loved the workshop. A great day and a worthwhile investment!

Kenya Barber

I’ve had anxiety about speaking on camera for as long as I can remember. Then, I got a call to weigh in as the expert in a news story. It was a great opportunity for my small business, but just thinking about it made my stomach turn. Thankfully, Alexa came to my rescue. We chatted about the roots of my anxiety and Alexa gently walked me through techniques to prepare me for the interview. The filming went flawlessly and I had so much fun, I’m ready to do it again!

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