It’s the day of your speaking engagement – the preparation is over. It’s time to take the stage and delight your audience. Of course you’re a little bit nervous! That’s normal. Now that you’ve done the work to prepare your material, here is where you need to shift your attention to your GAME DAY STRATEGY.

Take the Olympics, for example. Those incredible athletes have prepared diligently for YEARS. Watch them as they ready themselves to jump off the high dive. See the way they enter the gymnasium. Watch the focus they have before they tackle the uneven bars.

Game day is where all your preparation pays off. In today’s video, I give you my best tips for getting ready to shine on stage the day of your big event. Most professional public speakers have a pre-performance routine that they have honed over the years – but getting in the zone just before you speak is less complicated than you think. Try these tips and you’ll see what I mean.


PS: What challenges do you have right before you take the stage? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll gladly offer my advice! If you’re really struggling with the fear of public speaking, go ahead and check out my course. Sometimes you simply need to release the fear you experienced as a child, so you can speak with confidence as an adult. Try it risk free for 30 days!

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