President Obama took the political world by storm when he gave the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He truly is a brilliant orator. That being said, I would like to compare two instances where you can see how one person, gifted as a talented speaker, can be under-minded by a very innocent habit, the use of fillers. Words like “uhhh”, “ummm” and “you know” are so common in everyday language that we barely notice them, but they do take away from the clarity of your message. If you make someone work too hard to understand what you are saying, they will simply tune out. In this next clip, watch how President Obama takes on the press corp.


Now, see how his delivery changes when he is speaking about the social cause, “It Gets Better.” What differences do you notice? (Feel free to share in the comments below!)

In order for you to connect in the same way when you talk about your passions and share your message with others, you have to pay close attention to the smoothness of your delivery. If you want to “Speak Up and Stand Out,” you have to practice giving your best when you take the mic, so you sound as confident and clear as possible.

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