I’m feeling a touch of the holiday cheer these days. While these sunny California skies don’t particularly remind me of Christmas, I know that special times with family and friends is what the end of the year is all about.

  • It inspires me to appreciate great meals and conversations.
  • It helps me focus on how grateful I am to do what I do for a living.
  • It reminds me to stop and savor some downtime in nature.

As you know, I believe that the life we live is determined by the way we see and experience our world. It takes a conscious effort to focus on positivity instead of the relentless stresses of life. It’s one of the reasons I created Wishbeads – To give people a physical reminder of what they wish for, so they can be inspired to take action toward their desires every time they look at their bracelet on their wrist!

This has been quite a journey – from the moment I first had the idea, to launching it on Kickstarter, then manufacturing the product, building the website and growing my tribe of fans and customers. Along the way, I was delighted to share the experience with an amazing group of 100 6th graders.  It marked the start of my mission to empower young girls in underserved communities.

But the entrepreneurial journey is full of surprises too… I received some wonderful feedback from a dear friend. She suggested that I create a simpler version – a bracelet where one could secretly stash a wish – that was slightly more ready-to-wear. Lucky me, I listened and now my latest version of Wishbeads is finally here. Take a peek!

I’m kicking off this holiday season with a special invitation for you. If you’ve been looking to fulfill a wish of your own or know someone who could use some inspiration to make their dreams come true, I would love for you to join my tribe of Wishers! The new bracelets come in eight different styles and they are as cool as they are magical. To make shopping a bit sweeter, use the code HOLIDAY and you’ll receive 15% off your entire order.

Wishbeads Bracelets

Remember, what you focus on, you attract to you. Instead of being incessantly bothered by the barrage of bad news, the hectic traffic zipping by and life’s daily stresses, you can consciously shift your attention to your wish. After all, it’s right there in front of you on your wrist! May all your wishes come true. You deserve it!

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