Sometimes a bright light comes from the most unexpected places. American football players are like modern day gladiators. They muscle their way through a grueling game to the cheers of ecstatic fans. We idolize them for their strength, their stamina and their ability to take hits and keep on going. And then… one player comes along who is truly different from the rest.

Tim Tebow. Devoutly Christian, he is a player with a purpose. He is passionate about football, but he is also passionate about making a difference in the world.  Life is not about HIM, but rather it is lived for those he can serve. Although he is in his second year in the NFL, he has created The Tim Tebow Foundation, whose goal is to “bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.”

Don’t get me wrong. He is all muscle. He is driven to succeed. He is passionate about winning. He is even controversial, rousing up verbal attacks for his very unorthodox passing style. Tim Tebow is a lightning rod right now, but the more he wins, the more his critics retreat.

So… why I am bringing him to your attention?  In an interview I recently watched after his remarkable win over the Jets, he was sharing the stage with three NFL Hall of Famers. He shined. He was polished and yet totally approachable. He was lit up. This is the essence of a person comfortable in his own skin, absolutely present in the moment, and totally selfless about his success. It’s a winning combination. See for yourself…

THE TEBOW TOUCH from Alexa Fischer on Vimeo.


We are all capable of the Tebow touch. Just plug into your passion and play with purpose!


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