Raise your coffee cup if this has happened to you:

You meet a friend for dinner. You haven’t seen each other in ages and you cannot wait to tell her allllll about the new things in your life:
Your new boss (talented but neurotic)
Your kids (teething and hormone-riddled, respectively)
Your bathroom reno (you just found The Best Tile Ever)

She asks what you’ve been up to and you’re off to the races with your update. You tell her everything and by the time the check comes, you realize that you spent the entire meal talking about yourself and you have no idea how she’s doing.
And your meter is about to expire so it’s going to have to wait till next time.

Yuck, right?
Don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there. And I bet we’d all like to do better next time, right?

In today’s video, I show you how to tell if you’re talking too much. (After all, everyone loves a good listener!)

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