I received a question recently from one of my Confidence on Camera students. When she saw herself in her video, she noticed that she blinked constantly and she wondered what she could do about it. Great question! While there could be many reasons for this, chances are it’s a habit than can be transformed with a wee bit of practice.

Now, before you click that play button, let me just note that we ALL have habits. Some are good (like eating your greens!) and some we may be ready to let go of. Many moons ago a director on the set of a commercial I was filming, brought one of my habits to my attention. Watch the video to see what it was!

Of course, I’ll also be sharing three simple steps for you to transform those pesky habits that you may wish to change. Knowledge is power! There’s no need to panic or judge yourself harshly when you realize that you’re constantly using vocal fillers (like, um, or ya’know)….or you have rising intonations at the ends of your sentences. It’s just a habit! Here are my surefire strategies to transform them once and for all. Try it for yourself!


PS: A special thanks to everyone who participated in the Real People Lit Up video challenge. It’s not too late to share a video of yourself or someone who inspires you! I would love to feature you in an upcoming post! Just send me a link!

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