I must confess, I am not the world’s greatest gardener, but I love a colorful array of flowers. My backyard is filled with various plants that seem to bloom year-round. Much to my surprise, I have recently found myself meticulously caring for two flower baskets hanging on my porch. I will spend an hour delicately plucking dead flowers off, in a practice known as “deadheading”. I heard that if you removed the tired blossoms, the plant has more energy for creating new flowers. Without the dead-weight of these shriveled blooms, the plant thrives, grows stronger and continues to yield blossoms for a longer period of time. Magic! What if the same thing were true for people?

We all have negative beliefs, crummy habits and patterns that keep us stuck. What if we decided to “deadhead” them? Every time you harshly criticize yourself, you take valuable energy away from creating new blooms, or good feelings and experiences. Every time you suffer with the same negative habit, you suck your personal power which is a vital energy source for you to thrive.

It’s time for a Spring Awakening! This week let’s deadhead something you are ready to shed.

  1. Name It! Write it down, tell a friend, or shout it to the skies. Just declare to the world that you are ready to pluck it from your life.
  2. Release it! Say good-bye once and for all to this crummy behavior. Write a good-bye letter, visualize it leaving your body or just wish it away.
  3. Replace it! With the negative gone, you can make a conscious decision to replace it with the positive. Re-train yourself to send energy to new blossoms.

Remember, when you are in full bloom, you inspire everyone you meet.  May your garden grow!


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