I’m fairly certain that no one was BORN being afraid to speak in public. Some people may naturally love the limelight, some people may be somewhat hesitant, but for those individuals who have an acute FEAR, they usually picked it up in their past. It’s incredible how a seemingly innocent experience in childhood can manifest later into a gut-wrenching aversion towards attention. A client recently confessed that she was horribly teased for dressing up for a field trip when she was in 6th grade. From that point forward, she cringed in front of cameras, avoided standing out too much, and felt nauseous when asked to do interviews. This one incident ended up having a huge impact on her adult life.

Events in our past are like seeds… They are planted at the moment of the experience and they grow over time, gaining strength with every year. Now, if it’s a good experience and something that made you feel wonderful, lucky you! I’m sure your award for best book report in Middle School helped land you the job as an editor for the New York Times! Good experiences reap big rewards, but conversely, negative experiences can create long-term turmoil.

Do not fret! Life has bumps in the road and there are tools available to help you weed the garden, so to speak. If you have been held back by fear, I would like to offer you an opportunity to learn some techniques to release the emotional impact of past traumas. When you are no longer held back by fear, you are free to leap into your brilliant future.


If you are in the Los Angeles area, I hope you will be able to attend my upcoming workshop on September 8th in Santa Monica.  Releasing your fear can truly set the stage for your future success.

Remember, happiness is your birthright. See you there! Details below…

Public Speaking: Erasing the Fear Factor to Live a Profitable Future
SMARTY: Peer to Peer Workshop

Thursday, September 8th, 2011
Santa Monica, CA
To reserve your spot, go to:


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