Today’s video shares my personal secret to dealing with these turbulent times. I filmed this post smack dab in the middle of filming a TON of new content and I simply needed a quick way to get grounded and release some tension, so I could tap into my creativity and calm.

I, like you, have been distressed with the news of late. My heart breaks for those affected by hurricanes, earthquakes and the threat of nuclear warfare. (It seems insane to even write those words.) And yet, here we are in uncharted territory facing the choice about how we handle ourselves day in and day out.

For me, it comes down to taking action. Reaching out to loved ones, sending donations, spreading kindness wherever we can, and pursuing our dreams all counterbalance the seemingly endless stream of negativity in the world.

Today I invite you to start fresh. To stay positive, despite your impulse to feel otherwise. Somehow, some way, there is a plan for all of this turbulence. Your energy, your commitment, and your light will help pave the way for a brighter future. So don’t worry about a thing…


PS: In case you need a little dance break of your own, listen to this.

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