Have you ever experienced the quiet contentment of doing something you love while the rest of world seemed to melt away?  You were simply in the zone. For one person it could happen analyzing stock quotes…For another it could be crocheting a blanket.  When you are in COMMAND, your body and mind go to a different place, transcending the usual thoughts, fears and concerns.

If you are fortunate to be learning from someone who LOVES what they are doing, and has tapped into their full potential, you reap big rewards. Their EASE, their STRENGTH, and their PRESENCE allow you to feel safe. When you feel safe, you are more likely to push yourself out of your own comfort zone, building new levels of confidence with the challenge in front of you.

Take me, for example.  I love to talk to people.  Whether I’m performing on stage, giving a workshop, or chatting with a stranger in line, I ENJOY myself. Chances are, if I’m enjoying myself, the person (or people) listening to me are enjoying themselves too.  Now, on the other hand,  you will not find me at the GYM.  I’ve never felt motivated to push myself physically, that is, until I met Myrna.


Myrna Gaardsmoe is one of the stellar instructors at YAS in Venice, CA.  She has cultivated quite a fan base, with nearly every spinning bike occupied when she is at the helm.  Last Sunday, I took note of how she captivated everyone in the room, inspiring them to really go for it.  We were sweating, of course, but laughing and singing (good tunes!) and spinning our little hearts out.  Men and women totally engaged and enjoying the ride that Myrna had created.

So, what was her trick?  How did she managed to have us all in the palm of her hand?

1.  JOY:  Energy is contagious, so when she plugged into her love of spinning, we did too.

2.  HUMOR:  She kept people laughing so they didn’t notice how hard their hearts were beating.  She’s cracks just enough jokes to keep you smiling through the pedal strokes.

3.  PREPARATION:  Another key to a great spinning class, is great music.  Every week, Myrna surprises us with an excellent line-up of tunes.

4.  KNOWLEDGE:  The years she has spent as an instructor makes her an expert in her field.  She is having fun, but always keeping an eye on form and safety.

Now, if I asked Myrna to give a speech about how she became a Spinning Instructor to a group of 50 people, she may recoil at the mere suggestion. Speaking may not really be her thing…but… Since she has experienced the mastery of one activity in her life, she can apply the same TECHNIQUES to any challenge.  The energy of mastery is the same.  If you want to be unstoppable in your life, take a step back, and notice when you are in the zone.

You have already tapped into your unlimited potential.  With a few techniques, you can be capable of anything.


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