Oh, I am so excited to share this post today! Typically when you see the word FEAR, you want to run in the opposite direction, but instead of being intimidated by that concept, let’s take a refreshing look at why fear is actually the best teacher in the world.

In today’s video I am sharing my journey as a student of Isshin-ryu karate. I’m not a huge fan of getting punched in the face (who is?!), but when I identified this fear, I opened up the possibility of finding a clear path to overcoming it.

Life can be scary and fear is a natural part of being human, but fear also blocks our light. If we want to shine whenever and wherever we wish – we must learn to tap into our personal power to overcome the very things that make us afraid. Whether it’s public speaking or getting hit in the face by a fellow karate student, the tools to overcome our fears are the same.Watch and see how you can start overcoming your fear today!


PS: What fear are YOU ready to overcome? Why not declare it in the comments below? Naming your fear is one of the best ways to set you on the course for healing. Go for it!

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