Through Fear

Ignite your desire. Discover your confidence.

Learn how to identify what you want, the tools you need to get there, and the commitment to take action – finally!

In this free video training, you’ll learn the secret to finding the courage to go after your dreams and goals. I’ll show you:


the secret fuel that lies at the intersection of fear + desire


the roadmap to prepare yourself for the journey


the power of community, encouragement + commitment

"No one who has met Alexa can doubt her gift for transforming people with her special blend of earthly and otherworldly wisdom."

Shani Raja

Best-selling writing instructor

I’m Alexa Fischer and I believe in you.

I’m also on a quest to inspire you to take bold action toward your deepest desires. This training isn’t about learning to swim – rather it’s an invitation to find the courage to swim into a sea of possibilities of what you want to see, feel, and experience in your lifetime.

You are capable of more than you know. Join me and let’s face the waves of life – together! 

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