Last week I had the pleasure of working with one of my private clients, helping her prepare for an upcoming virtual job interview. Now, this wasn’t any old run-of-the-mill meet and greets. She was introducing herself and her work via WebEx, an online video conferencing platform where she would be meeting the top executives of a huge national company.

In other words, this interview mattered.

You get one shot to make an incredible first impression. Why not be as polished, professional and impressive on camera as your resume and portfolio?

Today I am sharing my secret (subtle) strategies for nailing a video interview that are as important as what you actually say. In today’s video, I address:

How to make your audience feel totally connected to you.
How to show that you understand the corporate culture of the company.
How to subconsciously share who you are, visually.

All of these tiny adjustments help your prospective employer get to know YOU above and beyond your LinkedIn profile. And in today’s market job market, that first impression can make all the difference in the world.

Use these techniques any time you pop on your web camera. It’s never too late to impress your colleagues…Here’s to you and your impressive video skills!

PS: Have any questions about nailing a job interview? Send them my way!

PPS: Ready to make an incredible first impression in PERSON? Grab my free ebook here!

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