So, we are officially 15 days into the new year. How are you feeling? Energized? On track? Poised to take over the world and hit all your goals in record speed? Maybe you’re still abuzz over the first few visits to the fancy new gym, or satisfied over the deep re-organization of your office, but somewhere, ever so delicately, you are sensing the dark shadow of procrastination and overwhelm moving in. It’s cool. Moments of stress creep in all the time, but the question is, what do you do when they arise? Enter The Three Idiots. This very clever Indian film taught me the greatest lesson in getting calm and grounded and mentally back on track. Today I’m sharing it with you.

This year you can achieve all you desire and more. I’m here to help you make it so.

PS: What are your favorite tips when you freak out? Please share it in the comments below! Thanks.

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