So many of us (so many!) chase perfection.

The perfect home, the perfect wardrobe, and – as I find with some of my one-on-one clients – the perfect video. I teach people how to polish their web videosΒ and I find that a lot of my students and clients want to edit their videos to such a flawless sheen they don’t even seem like themselves.

I regularly get complimented on my videos; exceptionally kind viewers have called me ‘warm,’ ‘charming,’ and ‘my favorite thing to watch before I head to work.’ (Which is so sweet! Thank you!)

Knowing that I’m a professional actress, that I’ve been doing this for years, and that people like my videos, allow me to share a few screenshots.

Blooper Images

See? Not perfect? Still worth watching.

In today’s video, we’re talking about chasing perfection, why that’s a waste of time, and one small mental shift you can make to stop the perfection chase – once and for all.

In the comments, tell me: what’s one small thing you can do today to let go of perfectionism?

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