We did it when we were kids. We donned capes, swords, magic wands and tutus. We pronounced unthinkable strengths and claimed limitless abilities. All with reckless abandon. Then came the realization that being different, standing out, was uncool. It was far too risky and certainly the attention might bring ridicule, or worse, embarrassment. We joined the flock and never looked back.

But playing in the flock came at a cost. Where were those break-out moments which propelled you forward? Where were the rewards for risk-taking and grand thinking that yielded spectacular results? When you are AFRAID to stand out, you block your ability to tap into your unlimited power. Fear is your kryptonite.

Last week I read a wonderful blog post by Danielle LaPorte. She asked her readers, “What’s Your Superhero name?” Ah yes… I loved the notion of PLAY that one exercise stirred in me. My superhero name?! Hmmmmm…

I often tell people that my name, Alexandra, means Defender of Mankind. (How fun is that?! And very true in my case!) As for my Superhero name…

The Igniter.

May my words, my actions, my teaching, and my presence ignite everyone I come into contact with so they can burn brightly and light up the world.

Every person has a Superhero within waiting to be unleashed. Claim your name. Don your cape. Feel it fire up your system and carry that energy with you where ever you go. Believe me, it will inspire each person you meet. Confidence is simply the fire within. Pick up your pen and write your Superhero name now. One step better, share it below.

See you at the Hall of Justice!


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