I always joked that my brother was the writer and I was the talker. While we lean in that direction, I am happy to report that both of us have learned from the other! His latest publication, “The Two Truths About Love: The Art & Wisdom of Extraordinary Relationships” is superbly written and beautifully articulates two profound “truths”, giving permission and taking responsibility. He explains it further,

In this book, you will learn how to give others permission to be themselves, while also taking responsibility for your own actions and reactions. By managing your emotions, fostering real communication and trust, and embracing the differences between you and others, you will open the door to achieving true happiness with your partner, or anyone in your life. After all, relationships are at the very heart of human experience. This book is an invitation to make yours extraordinary.”

I invite you to learn more about this remarkable book at: theartofgivingpermission.com

Better still… Grab your copy today! The Two Truths About Love

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