I was honored to present a workshop on Interviewing Skills as part of the Step Up Women’s Network Teen Empowerment Program. Step Up empowers high school girls in underserved communities to reach their full potential through dynamic after-school and Saturday enrichment programming that helps girls become confident, college-bound, and career-ready. They were a fantastic group of women to work with and I know they are destined for greatness. In this clip I share a technique I use to get calm, cool and collected right before a big interview. Enjoy.

Magic happens when you get present, and be in the room. Be the kind of person who pays attention, and is present. This also helps you be considerate of others and their world, when you’re stepping into someone else’s space for an interview or a meeting. Send the right message!

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I actually talk about this more in my public speaking courses – you can find those online here.

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