In the last few weeks, you may have seen the video about Karen Klein, the 68 year-old grandmother who was viciously bullied by four teenagers as she worked as a school bus monitor in suburban New York. (If you’re not familiar, you can read more here.) As tears flowed down her cheeks, these young lads continued their litany of insults and threats while she remained rather passive.  She took the abuse.  Just across the aisle, another teenager felt compelled to capture this on video and when it hit the internet, it went viral immediately. But then someone had an idea.

A Canadian gentleman by the name of Max Sidorov caught this video and decided that this lady deserved a vacation.  He launched a Kickstarter campaign with an intended goal of raising $5,000. Within four weeks, the donations rolled in at a whooping $703,873.  Needless to say, Ms. Klein has retired from her position.

The video itself is painful to watch, but what is fascinating is the firestorm of comments in the feed below the video.  This spirit of meanness and rejection sparks people at their core. Viewers were inspired to take ACTION, whether by commenting or donating. (Please note the almost 3/4 of a million dollars raised!). So, why are we so desperate for compassion?  (And so pissed off about abuse?)

Negative thoughts are so pervasive in our society.  Reality television thrives on the ruthless judgement and mockery of others.  Our government is viciously divided at the expense of progress.  I watch people crumble under the weight of their own insecurity everyday. It’s time we helped one another stop the insanity.

Change begins one step at a time. Make a commitment to overcome the negative thoughts in your mind and pledge to not participate in the harsh judgement of others. While we may sit in horror about the reckless behavior of some wayward teenagers, we likely abuse ourselves each time we tear down our self image or our lack of success. We gossip about people we know.  We tear others down, without meaning to perhaps, but the results of the actions are the same. It hurts.

Just make the intention to be kinder. Both to yourself and to others.  Every intention plants a seed and in time (with a tad of nourishment) this seed will grow. We need fields of compassion now more than ever, so tend your garden well and it will bear fruits for a lifetime of love. Happy planting!

As painful as it is to watch, if you wish to see the video, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAgti_2uziA

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