Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach before standing up to give an important toast? How about the dryness in your mouth when you realize you are moments away from delivering a key presentation? Nervous energy is perfectly normal, but we interpret those uncomfortable sensations as being imminent signs of danger. Instead of letting your mind race with all of the doomsday scenarios of how you will fail, I invite you to acknowledge fear for what it is… energy. Instead of pushing it away, why not invite it to dance? Deborah Cohan, OBGYN and mother of two decided to dance in the operating room with her surgeon and nursing staff, prior to her double mastectomy. This joyous video has been viewed by millions of people (and here on the Huffington Post), offering inspiration and hope, freedom from fear and a shining example of how to handle adversity!

Sure, we all get afraid sometimes. Why not lift our heads, turn up the volume and let off some steam? The alternative is really no fun at all. Dance through your fear! This video brought me so much joy – I know you’ll love it!

How do you dance through your fears? Are you more inspired to handle stress with joy and playfulness now? Tell me more in the comments?

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