A few years ago, I found myself waiting in a very loooooong line outside the one-and-only fitting room in a beautiful, trendy boutique. It was sale season so the staff was harried and busy and those of us waiting in line were quickly losing our patience.

Despite a sign on the door asking us to limit ourselves to five pieces of clothing, I could see from the piles on the floor and over the door that the very stylish woman inside was not interested in limiting her choices.

As everyone in line started ‘a grumbling, I tiptoed up to the dressing room door and (I thought) politely said “I’m sure you don’t realize it, but there’s actually a pretty long line out here waiting to use this dressing room.”

The woman inside threw open the door and (dressed in a slip and heels) yelled at me and everyone in line about rushing her and harassing her.

I was equal parts horrified, embarrassed, and so, so angry.

What could I have done differently? In today’s video, I talk about three ways to deal with rude people (hopefully, with no yelling involved.)

Want to get through tough, awkward interactions like this with your sanity in tact? You might like my free ebook How To Navigate Tough, Negative, Or Toxic Conversations.

In the comments below, tell me about a time you dealt with an exceptionally rude person. What did you say? Are you happy with how you dealt with it?

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