Labor Day is just around the corner! Can you believe it? In the last few weeks of summer we can still bask in the glory of weekends on the water and tall, cool drinks on shady patios.

It’s also means that pretty soon you’ll be re-connecting with co-workers, parents of the PTA and that neighbor who’s been abroad for weeks on end. Which means it’s the season for accidentally putting your foot in your mouth when you find out someone is divorced/just got laid off/has a verrrrry different political stance than you do.

Never fear! In today’s video, I’m sharing five topics that you can talk about with anyone, anywhere without any fear that you’ll accidentally insult their belief that cavemen rode dinosaurs.

If you’re keen to make good conversation because you want to make a good first impression (and who doesn’t?) may I point you towards my free ebook How To Make (Quite Possibly) The Best First Impression Ever? You’ll be navigating those reunions with ease in no time.

Now, in the comments below, tell me which conversation topics you stick to when you’re meeting someone for the first time!

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