I rarely watch television. It’s funny since I appear as an actress on TV from time to time. (If you live in the US, you can see me on Rizzoli & Isles, August 19th 9/8pm C on TNT). I did, however, manage to see Ms. Kacy Catanzaro breeze her way through an unbelievable obstacle course in American Ninja Warrior. She was the first woman to make it to the finals, but what really astonished me was the grace, focus and determination she displayed throughout the challenge. If you haven’t watched it yet, you must.

We ALL have the ability to accomplish the unthinkable – to reach deep within and find a strength we did not know we had. In light of all the chaos in the world, I invite your inner warrior to come out and play.

What is YOUR goal for the rest of the year? Why not share your voice in the comments below? We would love to cheer you on. Go team!

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