A few weeks ago, I discovered that one of my workshop attendees is getting her M.F.A. in oil painting.

At a networking event, I chatted with a middle-aged manager type who told me all about his grandson’s snowboarding abilities.

Mid-meeting, I learned that a potential client grew up in New Haven. I went to school there! Much conversation about lobsters and Connecticut winters commenced.

When we take time to really, actually connect with people – co-workers, clients, potential hires – amazing things happen.

And the best way to connect? Listen.

In today’s video, I share three reasons we should all become expert listeners. (Hint: it’s really good for your business.)

Have I convinced you? Wonderful.

Now, if you’re ready to become a better listener, may I point you towards my free ebook How To Listen Your Way To More Friends + Connections + Sales? You’ll love it. Promise.

In the comments below, share your best listening tricks!

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