“Can you belieeeeeve her?! That dress? With those hips?!”
“Did I tell you what my idiot husband did this weekend? Ugh. He makes me crazy.”
“I can’t have dessert. Have you seen these thighs lately?”

Awful! Horrible! I’m sorry I even wrote up those examples and subjected you to that!

Toxic conversations have a way of ruining our moods, our outlooks, and our attitudes. And if you’re alive, you’ll probably encounter them regularly.  But it’s absolutely possible to turn them around.

In today’s video, I share five ways to do just that:

If you have to deal with naysayers, gossipers, or Negative Nancys on a regular basis you might need a (free) copy of my ebook How To Navigate Tough, Negative, Or Toxic Conversations.

In the comments below, tell me how often you encounter negativity and how you deal with it!

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