“Ohhhhh, girl. Did you hear about Laura and Kevin?  And what she said to his mom? And what he did after that?”
“YES! I couldn’t believe it. Could NOT. Of all people – I would never have seen that coming!”

Gossip is toxic. You know it, I know it, the person sitting two tables over eavesdropping knows it.  It sets negativity in motion and, if we’re not careful, attracts more of the same. Gossip hurts you, it hurts the friend you’re gossiping with, it hurts the people you’re talking about.

Even when your gossip is ‘legitimate’,  even when you have a right to feel scandalized or hurt by someone’s behavior …

You might be right about your feelings, but that ‘rightness’ isn’t helping you get what you want.

Instead, commit to talking about what you want and how you’re going to make it happen. Watch this video for more…

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