“Frank! I loooooved your presentation last week. I mean (hic) I’m not sure I would have opened with that (hic) dorky pun and I don’t really know if that tie was the (hic) best choice but, you know, you do you, Frank. I mean, you’ve got the boss in your pocket so it doesn’t really (hic, hic) matter, amirite? Have you seen the waiter? I’ve been standing here with an empty glass FOR FIVE MINUTES.”

No. Nononono. We’ve all seen this, right? The normally well-manner, sweet co worker who gets nervous at events has a few too many cocktails to calm their nerves. Then, all of a sudden, regrettable things are said, un-take-back-able things happen, and everyone’s avoiding eye contact on Monday morning.

So many of us are intimidated by new social situations, networking, public speaking – I get it! But treating that anxiety with alchohol or half a Xanax isn’t a sustainable solution and – more importantly – it ¬†dulls your shine. You are really and truly better than that.

In the comments below, tell me what tools you use to work through nerves – tools that don’t involve a twist of a lime and a shot of Jameson.

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