I was at a networking event recently (actually enjoying it, as I am wont to do), shaking hands, making small talk, when I saw her – arms crossed, head down, avoiding eye contact while she alternated between sipping her drink and scrolling through her phone.

And this made me think two things:
1. My friend, we’ve all been there. Who among us hasn’t felt nervous at an event filled with new people?
2. I want so much to come over and say hello!  And ask you where you got that great haircut! But your body language is telling me you’d rather … not.

In today’s video, we talk about how body language affects how others view us, how our own body language affects how we feel, and how we can read someone’s body language and use that information to choose our words.

P.S. Want to start a conversation with someone who’s looking a little closed off? Here’s how.

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