We are an incredibly visual society. For instance, you are introduced to someone new… How long does it take for you to form an opinion of him or her based on what you see? A second? Maybe two?

I’m not talking about hairstyle or the clothes you wear. I’m not talking about your body shape or weight. I am talking about how WHAT YOU DO with your body communicates messages to your audience. What might someone think of you if they gave you a quick glance? Watch this video for some tips on using body language with awareness…

Remember, if you struggle with body language cues that don’t put your best foot forward, practice is key to becoming a more powerful in this area. Negative thoughts preventing you from feeling confident in front of others? Maybe you can use energy muscle testing as a tool to clear those thoughts out of the way. Remember to think positively before you stand in front of others.

Are you ready to take it a step further? I have also written about the complementary skill – check out my post on How to Read Body Language.

Your skill in understanding and using your body language to communicate will make you more effective in a variety of professional and personal situations! I hope you found this post and video helpful today.

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