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Emma Finney: Love is a Lifeline (Video)

I love stories of inspiration and triumph. When I met Emma Finney ( this past October I was stunned by her vision, her poise and her purpose. She was thirteen years old and well on her way to making a difference in the world. I couldn’t help but ask her to share her story.

A year earlier her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. A few months into her treatment, her father had returned from a trip wearing a bracelet made of rope. Curious about the design, Emma search the internet to figure out how to make one of her own. A short while later, Emmaline Design was born and the Lifeline bracelet went into production. Each bracelet is composed of cord that can be used in the event that you find yourself in an emergency. Better yet, she donates all the profits to local charities. Despite her mother’s illness, Emma found the inner strength to give back and prosper. Like all good stories, this one has a happy ending. Her mother, Kelly Finney, is in remission and Emma’s business is flourishing. Her beautiful bracelets can been seen at the USC Bookstore, UC Riverside Bookstore as well as local shops. Interested in grabbing one as a gift? Check out her website at:

See for yourself what a gem she is!


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