If you haven’t read Steven Pressfield’s, The War of Art, you’re late to the party on this classic treatise on creativity. Pressfield has mastered explaining what goes on in our inner world when it’s time to create, why we get scared, why we procrastinate – and how we can overcome it.

I’ve noticed that the people who are drawn to my work are usually looking for that push to execute their ideas, and the tools to be effective and accelerated in the pursuits of their goals.

If that’s what you need – and of course, you’ve already ordered your WISHBEADS to zoom in on your goals and stay focused! – this book is going to help too. Pressfield hones in on “resistance” – a static energy that has you avoiding failure and avoiding action all while staying trapped in the cycle of complaining, and procrastinating.

In other words, resistance keeps you from doing what you want to do in this world.

Winning the battle against resistance means navigating your inner world in such a way that it never holds you back. Mastering the dialogue against the inner voice that holds you back is going to give you access to freedom, happiness and fulfillment. Yep, you can get put of your own way once and for all!

You see, you’re going to be talking to yourself until the day you die. Talk back – and don’t let resistance get the best of you. This book is a great tool to help you recognize your forms of resistance and break through them, so you can continue mastering how you talk to yourself and how you produce results. Watch the video and hear why this book knocked my socks off.


What books and resources have inspired you? Let me know!

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