When someone asks you what you do, you have to know how to answer that question, effortlessly. How can you be exciting without being vague, specific without being boring?

In today’s video, I tell you the one scenario I keep in mind to make sure my “elevator pitch” LANDS every time.

In those first few moments when you’re answering that age-old question, it’s more important they understand what you do, than for you to you impress them with your answer.

This skill is going to make networking, relationship building, and marketing so much easier. Today you can re-invent the way you answer that question. Click “play” and learn how!

P.S. Looking for a bit more guidance on how to talk about yourself and your work like a pro? Go ahead and check out my course, Pitch Yourself: Learn How to Ignite Curiosity + Inspire Action. Step by step videos to help you articulate your awesomeness with EASE.

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