Picture this… You’re the new guy. It’s your first day. Your heart skips a beat as you enter the front door knowing that everything is new. New people. New desk. New job. Sigh. Now go ahead and switch roles. You are sitting at your desk, clasping your favorite mug, surrounded by the lovely pictures of your family on the wall. At once you notice the new guy heading into the conference room for an orientation meeting. That’s the moment you decide that you’re going to make that guy’s day. No need to wait for an awkward moment in the elevator or a meek hello at the water cooler. You are going to do what you wish others had done for you on your first day of the job.

Here’s how to be a hero to the new kid on the block. Kindness wins every time. Watch this video for more…

Can you relate? What’s the nicest thing someone did for you to make you feel welcome? Your ideas are welcome in the comments below!

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