Have you been watching the Olympics this week? I’m completely hooked. Those magnificent athletes have dedicated a good portion of their lives to their sport. When I think of all the training, perseverance, sacrifice and joy they have experienced along the way, I am speechless. One thing I know for sure, is they practiced. A lot. And see where they are now. In the beginning I’m sure they stumbled. They wanted to give up. They thought about quitting, but they didn’t. They kept moving forward in the direction of their dream.

Now, if you have been following this blog you know how passionate I am about the power of video. Today’s post is dedicated to helping you get comfortable in front of the camera. Why? Because video is an incredibly powerful tool no matter who you are and what business you are promoting. And with billions more people coming online in the next few years, I assure you you will want to start practicing NOW. Yes, I know you squirm when you think about looking at yourself on camera. Sure, it will feel awkward at first. So what?! You simply need to start. This week I am featuring a trick to help you connect with your viewer, whether you are making videos on your iPhone or hosting a video conference on your laptop. If there is a small lens nearby, then make the most out of your time in the spotlight.

We all have the ability to go for the gold. The key is deciding to do it.

So, what has stopped you from creating your own videos? Leave me a message in the comments below and I will answer in my upcoming Google Hangout next week. Want to join me? I have one spot left. Grab it here.

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